Sunday, 17 July 2011

I'm back and I've got loads of news!

Hi everyone,
well, I know I have had a long absence from my blog, but I have been very busy setting up my workshop and trying to make it work. I have given it lots of thought, and although I have been very happy renting the workshop space since April 1st, I have not yet made enough sales to cover the continuous rental costs. I have decided to hand in my notice and bring my business back home to the spare room. I'm not ceasing Romana-Dawn Creations, just relocating it!Meanwhile you can still find me on facebook and at romana-dawn
More tomorrow,

Thursday, 14 April 2011

photo's to keep you updated.

Hi everyone,
I have been back at the workshop today, sorting out more stuff and finally cutting out the first items that I will be making up tomorrow, ready for selling.
Here's the before pics:

the first of the fabrics

home comforts!!!

from the left, My lovely Husband Rob, my daughter Romana-Dawn, my eldest son Chris, and my youngest son, Jack. They were helping me to celebrate the launch of Romana-Dawn Creations last week.

this little monkey and her little poses!!!
Well, I will add more tomorrow, keep well and see you then,

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My dream is becoming a reality!

Hi friends,
Well, I have been really busy over the past few months planning for my latest venture, my leap into the unknown, my long term dream.... I have taken the plunge and set up a little shop called Romana-Dawn Creations! I have rented a small business workshop unit in my local area and am currently busy getting the many metres of fabrics and equipment that I have had in my house 'just in case', for many years, transferred to it.
Well, finally the time has come to put all this stuff to good use, and try to make an income out of my sewing and knitting experience of many years. I have set up a facebook page, and so far this has had a good response. I will be making household textiles, bags, bears, babywear and clothing for little un's upto age 10. I aim to use preloved fabrics and turn them into useful items once again. I am very into the green, simple living way of life, and this will fit me down to the ground. Saving the planet piece by piece, making patchwork, quilted, sewn and  knitted goods (think Cath Kitston type stuff, but without the high price tag, and greener!)
more tomorrow, until then

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Please excuse me whilst I regenerate!!!

Ok, so where have I been? It's a very long story, so I won't bore you with the finer details. I will just do a quick update today to say that everything has changed here, and for the better!
I have made a life changing decision to start something that has been on the back boiler for at least 12 years now, and it is all coming together like a dream.....
Please come back and see me tomorrow for more.....
Until then, take care, and thanks for your patience.

Friday, 10 December 2010

I promised

Hi everyone,
well, I have been absent for too long and for that I apologise. I have no real excuses, I just had my procrastinators head on and didn't motivate myself enough to write anything here. I had a chat with my eldest son,( and closest confidente) this morning and promised him that I would get off my lazy butt and blog today. I kept my promise, and here I am!
What has been going on here, you may ask? Not much really, life is pretty normal at the moment, save for a bit of  furniture re-arranging, a few days of horrendous gales last month that blew away both of my greenhouses and destroyed them,oh, and a new business idea! (well, not new but re-considered!)
I have definitely decided to start making teddies and rag dolls, stuffed dragons and unicorns (and various other stuffed toys) from recycled fabrics and try to make a bit of income by selling them on Etsy and Ebay. I was going to include household textiles and other bits and pieces, but I'm not sure now, any opinions? We will have a very big reduction in income from May next year when my youngest son reaches 16 and we lose all monies for his care. I need to find a way of replacing at least some of that money so I thought I would give it a go.
Talking of Jack, he recently won the Merseyside Young Sportsperson of the year award to go with his many other awards that he has won this year. He is being kept very busy with trying to combine school and table tennis training, in preparation for the 2012 Paralympics in London. good luck to him!
Meanwhile, Chris, my eldest son is tackling his University studies, and also holding down two jobs! Another busy boy! (shouldn't call him a boy really, he will be 23 next month!)
Myself, well, I have already made three cute teddies (photos to follow), and cut out the pieces for four more, so at least I have made a start and I will make at least one more each day until I have quite a stock ready for sale. Each one is unique and being made from recycled fabrics ( curtains, clothes, linens etc), they are eco friendly too, which is always a good thing. I can but try.
until next time

Thursday, 14 October 2010

loft space first phase complete

Hi everyone,
well, today has been another busy day! I had the loft flooring company here and they did a great job of laying some good strong flooring so that I can store most of my craft goodies up there, saving me loads of space down in the craft room. Officially that particular room is the dining room, but, as in many houses in  theUK, it was only used for storage.It will now become the master bedroom, giving my daughter her own room in time for her third birthday on Boxing day. it will be done as a surprise for her, so I'm going to be really busy in the near future trying to swap our current bedroom downstairs to the new room, and setting up her room in its place. i have already got the wallpaper and paint needed, its just a case of getting around to getting it done!
My lovely landlady has sent a handyman round to give me a hand to get this place back on its feet, and he completed quite a few tasks on my to-do list when he came on Tuesday. This included the front garden and drive areas, and making safe the paved path for my son's wheelchair. Just seeing the difference between the before and after he completed it has given me a huge boost and has made me get into action myself, making me start getting the rest of the house in order and maintaining the order when sorted.
I have decide to start making fabric shabby chic style teddy bears and rag dolls to sell on ebay and etsy so I have been collecting sewing patterns and fabric as I come across a bargain, hopefully this new venture will allow us to get some kind of money together to pay the bills and maybe make some savings for future house projects.
Meanwhile, I have managed to get a bargain walk-in plastic greenhouse for my ongoing self suffiency drive. It will need to be put up, maybe next week and it will hold quite a few shelving units to hold my pots of seedling vegetables. I have been saving yoghurt pots and getting some half price gardening items such as packs of mini plant pots from the local shops that are now coming into christmas season and selling off the summer stock. I love a bargain!!
well, its nearly midnight here, so my bed is calling as we are up at 5am for Hubby to get to work for 6am!
until next time,
goodnight, sleeptight and have good dreams

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I'm back!

Hi everyone,
first of all, many thanks for the comments received after my last post. I have decided to carry on writing this blog, but to include much more info, and photos about what is going on in my life at the moment. I have have had a pretty eventful time recently and I promise to fill you all in tomorrow.....
until then
goodnight and bright blessings